Unitronics Video Production

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Mail: enquiries@unitronicsvideo.co.uk

What information do we store

Your name



Telephone number (work, home, mobile)

Your email address / Your website url

BACS payment information (if applicable)

Why is this information stored

Unitronics confirms that details will be stored and used for business communication, billing and delivery use only.

What information is NOT stored

Medical information

Credit card information

Security Passwords

National Insurance information


Ethnic/sexual/political/religious information

How is information stored

Information will be stored electronically in a password protected location and/or

included on a printed database.  Computers used by Unitronics will have updated anti virus software, firewalls and anti- malware software.

Any printed information shall be stored within a suitable secure enclosure.

What information is shared to a third party

No information will be passed to a third party without the express permission given by the individual.

In accordance with GDPR rules we shall inform the client of any security breach within 72 hours of the event becoming known.

Rights of access to information

All clients have a right to:-

See all stored information on request.

Request erasure of information at any time.

Unsubscribe from receiving Emails at any time.

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